5 basic things to get started
  • 17 May 2022
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5 basic things to get started

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At the start, it could be overwhelming to explore a new product. We wanted to give you 5 quick tips with the basics and then let you slowly explore the features at your own pace.

Before we dig in...
Lets start by showing you a quick overview of your Dashboard.
This is the dashboard for PRO Users and Basic Users.
Both types of subscribers will have the same Dashboard.

However if you are a PRO, you will have two main areas to work in.
PRO User (This is where you order campaigns & mailers)
PRO Admin (This is where you build Text, Email, Direct Mail & Campaigns)

As a Basic User, you will not have an option to "bounce" over to the PRO Admin side and create / edit templates. You can simply order and use what's already been created for you.

See a short video here:

Here are the 5 basic things for you to get started. Please spend a few minutes making the most out of PRINTgenie.

1. Set up your profile.

We use Merge tags on our templates.
There are two types of Merge tags.

This will pull information from your profile and place it on the mailer, text or email. It's more efficient doing it this way then writing it on each mailer. You can easily change your profile information that will then be reflected on your correspondance.
##My First Name## ##My Last Name##
##My Business Phone##

This the information pulled from your data file.
##Owner First Name## ##Owner Last Name##
##Mail Address##

We build templates that may or may not include part or all of your profile. We may include an Email on a letter, and we might not. However, if you havent completely filled out your profile, then that part of the letter could be blank. Unless you are a PRO, you won't have an option to choose what variables are used.

It is very important to make sure your entire profile is completed. If it isn't, your messages will not properly display your profile information

If you are signed up as an Agent, you will see "Profile Details," and "Agent Profiles"

Be sure to complete both sections

You will see a space for Logo, Photo, Personal Logo and Corporate Logo. It's best to add them even if they are not used in a mail template.

Don't let this happen to you


Sometimes your data file may include two addresses per record.
There may be a "Mailing Address" and a "Site Property Addresss"
In this case we will Mail to the "Mailing Address" yet reference the "Site Property Address" in the content of the mailer.
Dear Mary,
My name is Andy and I'm interested in your house at 123 Main St.
(Yet we are mailing it to 697 Elm St.)

Watch out short video on setting up your user profile:

To learn more about merge tags, please visit this resource link:
Click here.

2. Upload your list

Upload your lists in the "My Contacts" section of the left side navigation.
We don't accept an excel file. It must be a .CSV file.
You don't have to format or change the header names in your file. However you will be required to map out your fields. It's best to be familiar with your list.

You can review how by watching this short video:

3. Review and order Campaigns

PRINTgenie is know for our campaigns. They include Text, Email and Direct Mail.
We build our campaigns to include Text and Email even if your records don't have that information. If your list does not have a phone or Email, then that part of the campaign just won't deploy and you won't be charged for it.

Campaigns are built to last for a long time. They are perpetual. You can continue to add names to the campaign. There are no minimums and anyone you add to the campaign will start at the begining of the campaign.

Once you activate a campaign you can simply "Fead The Beast" - That means... you can add a name from your phone, desktop or CRM. The more you Fead the Beast, the more potential leads will come in.

Be sure to look at each campaign and clearly understand the content so you are confident when assigning a new name, or list.

You will notice the campaigns are available to order via your mobile app. However, we do not expose the contents of each mailer so you should be aware of what they consist of via exploring on the desktop first before deploying a campaign from your mobile.

Here is a detailed video on how to order your first campaign:

4. Review and order Mail Templates

We have pre-designed and created many direct mail templates. You can preview the template by simply clicking on the template. It will enlarge and show you the template. Notice the merge tags sucha as ##My First Name## and ##Owner First Name## - These merge tags are an easy and visable way for you to see the merge tags being used in the template.

To see the merge tags with your account profile, simply click on the red icon.


This is a .PDF file. It will render a proof for you using your account profile when applicable. Notice that we will replace ##Owner First Name## with "Mary Q." and ##Site Property Way## with "123 Site Property". We use these as no name or list has been assigned so show as a refernece.

In order to see your Profile, and a sample of the Recipients information, simply "Order" a mail template with a list, or a single record. We'll then supply a .PDF that will show you a sample direct mail template with Your Account Profile, and a Recipients details.
*You don't have to actually checkout and order.

View our short video on how to order a Mail Template.

5. Fund your account

At the top right of the page you will see a button to Fund your account. This is an easy way for you to make payments for anything you order instead of having to enter a credit card each time. The money is yours, you are simply funding your bank / wallet for convenience. We may use the term credits, however we don't have anything like 1 text = 2 credits. That is not how it works. The dollars in your PRINTgenie wallet = the cost of ordering a mailer, or data. The pricing table is found in pricing section.

You will also see "Auto Fund". This convenient feature will allow PRINTgenie to automatically "Top Up" your acount by increments of $50 everytime your account drops below $10.
This is very convenient for when you are on the road and order from the mobile app, or if you drive leads via your zapier connection.

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