Dynamic Data Assistant
      • 03 Jan 2024
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      Dynamic Data Assistant

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      Article Summary

      Flex Templates:

      Introducing our new versatile direct mail templates.

      Dynamic Data Assistant

      The new icon is there to help you quickly identify a template that has been made with additional merge tags. These merge tags can be in the form of "text" or "image." Our new Flex Templates give you more tailored content & personalization options.

      Imagine you "just listed" a property. You'd want to populate the mailer with photos of that property. Our new Flex Templates give you the power to change images and text during the checkout process.

      Image or Text upload

      In simple terms, you can simply replace the text or image of choice with anything you wish.

      For our more advanced users, you can build your own Flex Templates that pull in data from your data file. You can mix and match. Dynamically pull in data from your data file, and/or add static text and images.

      Personalizing your marketing content by setting values for merge tags couldn't be easier.

      Terms and conditions of our new Flext Templates

      Static Values:

      • Edit-On-Checkout: Input a static value in this field to apply it universally across your marketing content.

      • Example: Entering 'Greetings' here will add 'Greetings' in place of this merge tag in all messages.

      Unique Values:

      • CSV Upload: To use unique values for each recipient, upload a custom-data CSV file.

      • CSV Header Matching: Ensure the CSV header name matches the merge tag name in your template for accurate mapping.

      • Example: If your merge tag is named 'SpecialOffer', your CSV should have a 'SpecialOffer' column for personalized name

      Priority Rule:
      Remember: Uploaded unique values take precedence over static values. If both are provided, the unique value is used where available.

      Fallback Behavior:
      If a merge tag is left blank in the UI and no custom data is uploaded, the merge tag will be replaced with an empty space in your content.