Email Templates overview
      • 10 Oct 2023
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      Email Templates overview

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      Email integration is a fantastic feature that can take your automated campaigns to the next level!
      With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you can seamlessly incorporate emails into your campaigns, enhancing your outreach efforts.

      To make your campaign creation process even more convenient, we've stocked up on a wide variety of email templates.
      Whether you're announcing an event, making a follow-up, or sending personalized offers, you'll find the perfect template to match your campaign's theme.

      Here are step-by-step instructions for utilizing Email integration to enhance your automated campaigns:

      Step 1: Explore Email Templates

      • Once you're logged in, navigate to Design Studio and click on the Email Templates section. This is where you'll find a variety of pre-designed email templates to choose from.

      Step 2: Browse Templates

      • Within the Email Templates section, take some time to browse through the available templates. These templates are designed for various campaign purposes, such as foreclosures, follow-ups, fair offers etc.

      Step 3: Select a Template

      • Choose the email template that aligns with the theme and content of your campaign. Click on the template to select it.

      Step 4: Customize Your Email (Optional)

      • If you wish to maintain your brand's unique voice and identity or need a custom email, you have the option to duplicate the existing email template and then edit it or create a custom email template from scratch by clicking the "Create Template" button. This allows you to craft a personalized email that resonates with your audience. You may also utilize merge tags or variables within your email template builder to personalize your content effortlessly. Merge tags enable you to dynamically insert personalized information into your emails, such as property addresses, descriptions, or other relevant details. To use merge tags, click the dropdown button on the right-hand corner of the toolbar within the email template builder. Include the chosen data within your email template or message. This ensures that each recipient receives a highly personalized and relevant email.

      Step 5: Attach Template to Your Campaign

      • After editing or creating your own email template, you can now use your template in your campaign.

      By leveraging email, you can create pre-campaign teasers, engaging customers' interest and anticipation before the physical mail arrives or you may use it as post-campaign follow-ups to reinforce the direct mail's message. Email plays a big part in making direct mail marketing campaigns even better. It helps these campaigns reach more people and have a stronger impact. When email and direct mail work together, it can result in higher response rates and a more integrated customer experience.

      Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage this feature for maximum impact. Try it today, and watch your campaign success soar to new heights!