GHL SaaS Business Owner | PG workflow setup
      • 05 Apr 2024
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      GHL SaaS Business Owner | PG workflow setup

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      Article Summary

      If you own a GoHighLevel SaaS business and you wish to include PRINTgenie services in workflows that you built for your client, you may do so by using webhooks.

      What are the benefits of doing this?

      1. This is a great opportunity for you to effectively create marketing campaigns that involve sending direct mail within GHL. By replicating your preferred campaigns from the PRINTgenie app and seamlessly reconstructing them in GHL, you can harness the potential of targeted marketing to a broader audience.

      2. Every meticulously crafted PRINTgenie campaign you build in GHL becomes a valuable asset that can be monetized. Whether you choose to charge it as an add-on service or include it into your SaaS packages, the versatility in your marketing strategy enables you to enhance the overall value of your offerings. This not only enriches your workflow and packages but also opens up new avenues for additional income, making it a win-win for you.


      Take note that each PRINTgenie user has their own API key that is connected to the webhook of the mailers they order, so it is important to use your client's OWN API key when you are building their GHL workflow that includes PRINTgenie webhooks. This will ensure that their orders will reflect in their PRINTgenie account. You don't want to be charged for your clients' mailers, so you need to ensure that you use their own API key when building campaigns with PRINTgenie webhooks.

      Learn how to set up your GHL account so all your users have to do is enter their PRINTgenie API Key one time, then all of your workflows will work for each person.

      1. Go to your GHL account and create Custom Values by going to:

      Settings > Custom Values > New Custom Values. Fill out the necessary fields.

      It will look like this:


      Naming your Custom Value

      You can name it anything you wish, although we suggest using something like what you see above.

      After you save / update your new custom value it will look like this:


      2. Building your workflow using PRINTgenie webhooks

      1. From your PRINTgenie account, copy the webhook of the mailer that you wish to use and paste it to the URL field as show in the sample below.
      No need to change "method." Leave it as "POST."

      2. Find the string of letters and numbers between "webhook/" and "/" shown in the tip #2.
      It will be a long string that looks something like this:

      3. Delete them (as it's your personal PRINTgenie API Key), and replace with your new custom value including the curly brackets.
      It will end up looking something like this:{{ contact.printgenie_api_key }}/10241/PRINT-15

      4. In the "CUSTOM DATA" section click on the "Tag" icon.
      Then, click on "Custom Values"
      Then, click on the "PRINTgenie API Key" custom value you set up previously.

      Exhibit A
      PRINTgenie API.jpg

      Exhibit B (close up of step #2)
      PRINTgenie API 1.jpg

      Exhibit C

      3. Once done, hit SAVE. Congratulations!

      Your omnichannel marketing campaign is all set now and ready to be used by everyone.

      Using PRINTgenie Campaigns as a reference when rebuilding in GHL

      Helpful tip

      Use the PRINTgenie campaigns as a reference when building your GHL workflows

      At PRINTgenie, our seasoned team of PROs has carefully developed Automated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns customized to suit the unique needs of various industries. Whether you're a realtor, investor, roofer, or any other professional, we have a solution designed just for you.

      If you wish to rebuild PRINTgenie campaigns in GHL and you want to use our library of content as a reference, you may do so by following this instruction:

      1. From your PRINTgenie account:
      Go to Marketplace > Campaigns > Order Campaigns. Choose your desired campaign.

      PG Csmpaigns.PNG

      Did you know...
      • Notice that as you place your cursor to each icon, it gives you a preview of the mailer included in that campaign along with the estimated delivery.
      • Mouse over the title to give you more information about the campaign.


      2. Click the Order button to give you a more detailed information of that specific campaign you've chosen.
      (Don't worry, you are not actually ordering it. You're just viewing it for reference)


      3. Locate the template ID# and click the copy icon. Paste this into your notepad for reference.

      4. Go to the Mail Templates section in the menu panel at the left hand side of your screen and then paste the mailer ID# to the search field. It will then display the webhook icon along with the pdf icon and heart icon (favorite icon).
      You will be clicking on the webhook icon to capture the mail templates information that you will be adding in your workflow.


      Are you a Go High Level user that has signed up for an account that offers PRINTgenie direct mail templates? If so, you'll need to set up your PRINTgenie API Key one time.

      Learn how by going to this article