I would like to be an Affiliate....
      • 27 Sep 2021
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      I would like to be an Affiliate....

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      I would like to be an affiliate, so I can create content and earn money on users that I sign up.  How do I accomplish this?

      If you sign up with a PRO account, you automatically become an affiliate, and you will earn 50% of the subscription fees for any users that sign up using your affiliate link. 

      Are you a PRO?
      Do you have an organization that listens to you?
      PRINTgenie gives you the tools to make your own campaigns and templates. Or use ours! Mix and match...

      Maybe you just want to take your marketing into your own hands & use it yourself. Awesome! Simply put your marketing hat on and design away!

      Your templates and campaigns will then be available only to those that sign up under your affiliate account. 

      Are you an influencer, marketing or consulting firm? If so, be a PRO.

      If you sign up for a PRO account, you automatically become an affiliate. Earn 50% for life of every sale and recurring payment.  Each and every month!

      Are you a Coach, Marketer, Consultant or Captain of an industry and don't see your vertical listed on PRINTgenie? 
      Awesome! We'll add your industry to our platform and you can be first to market.
      Simply send us an email at: help@printgenie.io and tell us your story!