I'm having a hard time accessing the Mail template editor
      • 12 Jun 2024
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      I'm having a hard time accessing the Mail template editor

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      Adding a Site Exception in Norton Internet Security:

      Open Norton:
      Double-click on the Norton Internet Security icon, either on your desktop or in the system tray next to the clock.

      Security Tab:
      Go to the 'Security' tab, usually present in the main interface.

      Web Settings:
      Look for an option that says 'Web' or something similar. Click it to enter the web security settings.

      Exceptions or Exclusions:
      Navigate to a section where you can add exceptions or exclusions for websites. This is often under 'Safe Surfing,' 'Web Exclusions,' 'Site Exceptions,' or something similar.

      Add Site:
      You will usually see an option to 'Add' or 'Add Exception.' Click this button.

      Specify Domain:
      A dialogue box will likely appear asking for the details of the website you want to exclude. Enter the domain (printgenie.io) in the relevant field. NOTE: Please repeat this step for our 2nd cloud domain: printgenie2.io

      Confirm and Save:
      Once the domain is entered, confirm and save the settings.

      Apply or Ok:
      Finally, you'll likely need to hit an 'Apply' or 'OK' button to commit the changes.

      Test the Application:
      To ensure that the exception has been successfully added, ask your client to revisit your web application and see if it now functions as expected without being blocked or flagged by Norton.