• 06 Feb 2024
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      Direct Mail Template Brand Color Conversion Services

      1. Brand Color Analysis: Begin by thoroughly understanding the client's brand color palette, ensuring we have the correct RGB, CMYK, and Pantone references for consistency across all print and digital mediums.
      2. Template Assessment: Review the existing direct mail templates to identify all elements that require color adjustments, including backgrounds, typography, borders, icons, and graphics.
      3. Color Replacement: Methodically replace the current colors in the template with the client's brand colors, ensuring a harmonious and balanced look throughout.
      4. Typography Review: Ensure that the text remains legible and visually appealing against the new background and element colors. Adjust font weights or styles if necessary.
      5. Graphics and Imagery Adjustment: Modify any graphics or images within the template to complement the new color scheme, ensuring they don't clash or detract from the overall design.
      6. Consistency Check: Review the entire template to ensure consistent application of the brand colors across different sections and elements.
      7. Proofing: Provide a digital proof for the client's review, ensuring that the new color scheme aligns with their brand identity and meets their expectations.
      8. Feedback Integration: Incorporate any feedback or changes the client may have after reviewing the proof.
      9. Final Quality Assurance: Conduct a thorough final check to ensure all elements are aligned, the color application is consistent, and the design is free from any errors.
      10. File Delivery: Organize and package the finalized templates in the preferred format, ensuring they are ready for the client's use, whether for digital distribution or print.

      By entrusting us with this task, clients can be confident that their direct mail templates will not only reflect their brand's identity but also maintain the professional and engaging design they desire.

      This service includes the following:

      Revise the color palette and adapt existing visuals for up to 10 Direct Mail Templates.

      Account Setup