What is "Nearest Neighbor", and how does it work?
      • 01 Oct 2023
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      What is "Nearest Neighbor", and how does it work?

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      What is "Nearest Neighbor", and how does it work?

      Nearest Neighbor is a program within PRINTgenie, deployed from mobile or desktop, that allows the user to target from 5 to 300 properties around a specific home address, then send direct mail or an entire mail campaign to those targeted properties. 

      Based on the subject property (The property of interest) we'll do a radius pull of as many properties as you wish.

      Once the properties are identified you can save them to a list, or trigger a mailer or campaign.
      Don't worry. If the property is a rental, we'll mail it to the Mail address. (the decision maker)

      We run a DPV (Delivery Point Validation) on every address to ensure that it is a deliverable address.

      You can also use the "List Builder" to find properties as well.

      You can search for the following types of properties. (Note: We don't search for apartments)

      • Residences

      • Condos

      • Commercial Buildings

      Where do I find my Nearest Neighbor Order History?

      You can find your Nearest Neighbor order history under 'My Contacts'.

      When you do a nearest neighbor it will either add the names to a List called "One-off Mailer | Catch-all List"
      OR, you can add the new list to an active campaign, or start a new one. In each of these scenarios you'd be saving your new nearest neighbor's to a list.