Why did we build PRINTgenie?
      • 04 Jun 2022
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      Why did we build PRINTgenie?

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      Hello there,
      This is Andy Detwiler, Founder of PRINTgenie. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about PRINTgenie.
      I would like to give you a quick background on "Why did we build PRINTgenie?".

      4 years of pain

      It's very simple. Starting in 1999 a small team of coders, designers and xerox buddies started building a Print on Demand solution to sell to printers.
      Soon enough we realized that our new tool was so popular that we bought printers and used it ourselves.
      In less than 6 months over 25 Title offices used our Print Stores for their thousands of agents.
      Now, 20 years later and over half a billion pieces of mail we've learned a thing or two and we felt it neccessary to pass along our wisdom to you.

      1. There's no one-hit wonder. Response rates increase exponentially the more you communicate to a potential customer.
      2. We needed an easy solution that automatically triggered multi-channel campaigns to as little as one person.
      3. We wanted a way for our users to copy and make their own direct mail, text and Email, and or select from our pre-designed material.
      4. We wanted to stop the madness of analysis paralysis. People spend way to much time over-thinking and not "doing."
        And lastly...
      5. Wrap everything into a push button solution that effectively creates the most responsive, and authentic communication.

      So, we rolled up our sleeves and started building, again. Within about 3 years we've created a platform to do exactly what we know will be extremly easy, automated, mobile and effective for our customers.

      Our intent is to offer a cost effective solution that will simply increase your chances at getting a response. Remember, time and circumstances change all things. Be top of mind and you will succeed.

      Andy Detwiler
      Founder - PRINTgenie.io

      PS: You can reach me anytime at help@printgenie.io