Did my mail go out? When will my mail arrive?
      • 18 Oct 2021
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      Did my mail go out? When will my mail arrive?

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      You can check the history of your order in a few different places.

      1. Mail Order History:
      If you ordered a single mailer from the desktop, crm or mobile you can click on "Mail Order History" to see what and when your mail was ordered.

      2. Contact Lists:
      Next to every record you can see Last Activity and Last Activity Template.
      This will show you what and when you sent something to your lead.

      3. Active Campaigns:
      When viewing Active Campaigns, you can see the list that was assigned to the campaign. This list is clickable. It will take you to that contact list where it will show the last activity.

      In all of these scenarios please make a note:
      The date shown in mail "order history," and "last activity date" is when the order was sent to production.
      Production is approximately 2-3 business days.
      USPS delivery is approximately 1-6 days.

      Please note:
      Direct mail to arrive approximately 7-11 days after Date & Last Activity date.

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