• 12 Feb 2024
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      PRINTgenie Webhooks
      Create automated triggers for your custom PRINTgenie marketing templates within 3rd party CRMs using our dynamic webhooks!


      Have an existing CRM that supports custom webhooks? Well now you can trigger direct mail marketing with your PRINTgenie subscription! Simply utilize your dynamically generated webhook URI to push your address data to trigger a mailer in real-time using your selected template, profile data, and PRINTgenie marketing dollars.

      1. Add Funds to your account. Your webhooks will not work if you don't have any funds in your PRINTgenie account.
      2. Simply click the webhook icon and copy & paste into your CRM.
      3. Click on the webhook icon on any mailer
      4. Paste the code in your CRM's automation workflow
      5. In the contact card of the CRM make sure you have at least the following Mail Merge Variables.

      Required Mail Merge Fields

      Merge TagPlaceholder
      {{FirstName}}Recipient First Name
      {{LastName}}Recipient Last Name
      {{MailStreet}}Mail Street
      {{MailCity}}Mail City
      {{MailState}}Mail State
      {{MailZip}}Mail Zip

      These are the additional fields that you may want to include, but not required:
      Although they are not required, if you don't have them, we'll use the "Address" for both the subject property, and the Mailing address.

      Merge TagPlaceholder
      {{PropertyStreet}}Property Street
      {{PropertyCity}}Property City
      {{PropertyState}}Property State
      {{PropertyZip}}Property Zip

      ***NOTE: **They are not required. It depends on the Mail Template.
      **Important. Before you try to set up your webhook, click on the red .PDF icon and generate a proof first. This will help you to understand what variables are required.

      You can learn more about Mail Merge Variables here:

      If your CRM is not working as expected, please reach out to help@printgenie.io and we'll investigate.

      Do you have your own CRM? Did you want to include PRINTgenie in your webhooks?
      ### Learn more here:

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