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      • 30 Sep 2023
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      Mobile App

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      Download PRINTgenie's mobile app and start your marketing when you're on the road.

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      Download from Apple Store here:

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      Download from Google Play here:

      Where do I see my orders made on the mobile App?

      You can look in several places to see your mobile order history and activity.

      1. If you ordered a campaign, you can look in "My Active campaigns" by clicking the campaign icon at the bottom left of the mobile app. You can also look in "Active Campaigns" on the desktop.
      2. If you ordered a single mail template or nearest neighbor mailer you'll have to head over to your desktop and look in "Order History."
      3. You can also look in "My Contacts." The address will also be added to an SGL List.
        An SGL list is a "System Generated List" that we make for you, automatically.
        This is where all of your "single send contacts" are saved.
        *Likewise, any single order sent from mobile, zapier, webhooks or the desktop will show up in your SGL list

      Once you're on the desktop you'll be able to see all records in your "My Contacts" section. Look under "Last Activity." You will see when the order came in and the last asset that was sent to your contact.