Ordering Campaigns
      • 13 Oct 2023
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      Ordering Campaigns

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      Ordering Campaigns

      PRINTgenie's "done for you" marketing campaigns are meticulously crafted by experts to ensure maximum effectiveness. They include Text, Email and Direct Mail.

      It is important to understand a few key elements about campaigns.

      1. Campaigns require upfront prepayment.
      2. If you cancel a person enrolled in a campaign there isnt any refund or credit for that and he will not get the rest of the assets in that campaign.
      3. A contact list is married to a campaign. You will notice that when you order a campaign we ask you which list do you want to assign to this campaign.
      4. If you want to add a contact to a campaign, you'd add that contact to the list that is assigned to the campaign. You can do that by clicking on the list from your contacts tab, or find the list assigned to the campaign in your "Active Campaigns" tab.
      5. A contact list can be assigned to multiple campaigns. Therefor adding a name to a list that is assigned to multiple campaigns will recieve each of the multiple campaigns.
      6. You can not add a list to a list. If you have a few names to add to a campaign, then simply "Add new recipient" at the top of every list. If you have more than a few names, it's recomended to simply re-order the campaign from scratch and assign the new list.
      7. When a campaign is ordered we create a snapshot of that campaign that includes your profile information. If you change your profile information after you order (Activate) a campaign, those in that list at the time of order will not be effected by that change, however any new person added to that list (assigned to the campaign) will get the updated profile information.
      8. *NOTE: this rule does not apply to your Return Address located in your profile. If you change this, it will be updated on any future touches on the current Active Campaign and any new person you add.
      9. No matter how you add a name to a list, that contact will start at the begining of the campaign.
      10. If you are a PRO and update a mail template after you order a campaign, the original order and those on the original list will not see the updated mail template. However, any new recipient will.
        *NOTE: This is a great way to assign a unique number to the same campaign so you can better track and or split test your campaigns.
      11. A list does not have to include a contact in order to order (Activate) a campaign.
        e.g. If you are adding names to your campaign via Zapier then you may want to create a new "empty list" and assign it to a campaign and then add new recipients to that list via zapier.

      Few things to remember when it comes to campaigns:

      1. We build our campaigns to include Text and Email even if your records don't have that information. If your list does not have a phone or email, then that part of the campaign just won't deploy and you won't be charged for it.

      2. You may order your campaigns via the Marketplace tab and customize them via the Design Studio tab.

      3. Campaigns are built to last for a long time. They are perpetual. You can continue to add names to the list that is attached to the campaign. There are no minimums and anyone you add to the list will be added to the begining of the campaign.

      4. Once you activate a campaign you can simply "Fead The Beast." That means... you can add a name from your phone, desktop or CRM. The more you Fead the Beast, the more potential leads will come in.

      Be sure to look at each campaign and clearly understand the content so you are confident when assigning a new name, or list.

      You will notice the campaigns are available to order via your mobile app. However, we do not expose the contents of each mailer so you should be aware of what they consist of via exploring on the desktop first before deploying a campaign from your mobile.

      Here is a detailed video on how to order your first campaign:

      How do I add a single name to an active campaign?

      There are many ways to add a single name to an active campaign.
      Although you can't add a new list to an Active campaign, you can add a single record.

      1. Simply find the Active campaign in the "Active Campaigns" section. You'll see the list assigned to the campaign. Click it. It will open up that list. On the right side you will see "Add New Recipient"
        Or, alternatively you can find your lists in "my contacts."
      2. You can add a new name by searching it on the mobile app, and therefore assign that contact to either an Active campiagn, or order a new one.
      3. You can also add a name to a list that is assigned to the campaign via Zapier.

      That new record is added to that list and simultaneously added to the begining of that campaign.

      Can I remove someone from my campaign?

      I would like to stop a campaign from running for just one of the recipients on its list, rather than an entire mailing list. Is this possible?

      Simply head over to your contact lists. Search the recipient and delete them.
      They will no longer receive any communication from you.

      (Keep in mind, you will not be credited or refunded the cost of those touches.)

      Each campaign relies on its list(s) to know who to send touches to.

      As a result, you can remove your recipient(s) from the campaign's list to stop any further touches that are part of that campaign.

      As long as those touches (direct mail, texts, emails) have not already been sent, then you have effectively halted any further touches to that recipient by deleting them from the mailing list. (Keep in mind, you will not be credited or refunded the cost of those touches.)

      Why does my Active Campaign pipeline say 0?

      There are several reasons why the Pipeline could be at 0.

      1. If a user has a campaign of only one asset, scheduled at 0 hours, then the pipeline will be 0 - as the campaign is started, and completed simultaneously.
      2. Everyone in the list has gone through the entire campaign sequence.