Ordering Mail Templates
      • 29 Sep 2023
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      Ordering Mail Templates

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      Ordering Mail Templates

      We have pre-designed and created many direct mail templates. You can preview the template by simply clicking on the thumbnail. It will enlarge and show you the template.

      Notice the merge tags such as:
      {{FirstName}}, {{PropertyStreet}} and {{MyPhone1}}

      • These merge tags are an easy and visable way for you to see the merge tags being used in the template.


      • To see the merge tags with your account profile, simply click on the red ".PDF" icon.


      *NOTE: We use dummy text such as "Fred Flinstone" and "301 Stonecave Road" when exposing contact information as we are not pulling from a real list.

      • To see the merge tags with your account profile, and a live data sample, simply click on the Order icon and select a list to preview. We will expose one name from your list as a sample. *note, you don't have to follow through and actually order in order to see it.

      View our short video on how to order a Mail Template.

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