PRO - Getting Started
      • 05 Oct 2023
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      PRO - Getting Started

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      Congratulations. You are a PRO.
      This comes with a lot of opportunities for you to really own your marketing. Your goal is either to customize and build assets for you to use, or to extend to your organization.

      That is why we created two sides.

      Design Studio is where you put your "Marketing Hat On" and build assets. You are in the Design Studio.
      Marketplace is where you order everything.

      Anyone that clicks on your Affiliate Link will have access to your material and all the material that came with the site.

      Our goal is to give you enough to get started with, and the power to modify it if you wish. You can duplicate ours, or make your own.

      See the following videos on how to build your marketing plan exactly as you wish.

      We like to think of PRINTgenie as Pre-Meditated Marketing.

      Meaning... You really think about your message and make templates and campaigns that will last and last. We don't want you to have to log into the user side and and have to think about it....

      Lets get to it...

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