Quick Start
      • 28 Feb 2024
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      Quick Start

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      Lets start by showing you a quick overview of your Dashboard.

      5 Basic Ways To Get Started

      At the start, it could be overwhelming to explore a new product. We wanted to give you 5 quick tips with the basics and then let you slowly explore the features at your own pace.

      As a quick reminder:
      PROs $97/mo
      PRO's have the ability to create and edit their own mail templates and campaigns. They can also share what they have created with anyone via their affiliate link. (This is a great option for content creators and/or coaches.)
      Learn more about our Affiliate program here.

      Essential $49/mo
      Essential users have access to everything in the Marketplace and can order from the standard set of templates and campaigns housed within their account, or those created by someone who is their PRO.
      Essential and Starters cannot edit or create their own templates or campaigns.

      In our PRINTgenie world, a "touch" is either a postcard, letter, greeting card, email or text... basically any "thing" that you can send that could "touch" your intended recipient. We use this term often as we specialize in sending out "Multi-Touch," "Multi-Channel," "Omni-Channel" campaigns. (each of these terms or expressions means that we send a multiple touches with ease.

      Often times we'll use the term "Asset." An asset is either a postcard, letter, greeting card, email or text.

      PRINTgenie offers two types of subscriptions.
      PRO and Essentials.
      For our CRM partners, we now offer a "Starter" subscription. Although it does not have a monthly charge, the print prices are approximatley 25-30% higher. Starter packages don't have access to campaigns.
      Both a PRO and a Essential user has the same functionality as described in the video below.
      The major difference between the two is that a PRO can customize, edit and share their asset and earn a commission.

      Understanding Your Dashboard

      Your PRINTgenie app has two main tabs:

      Design Studio

      The Design Studio tab (for PRO subscribers) is where you build text, email, mail templates & campaigns. You will also find your "Affiliate" information so you can share your account with others and earn 50% commissions.

      Here, you'll also find the Category section, where you can manage or edit your categories so you can organize your mailers according to your preference.


      The Marketplace tab is more than just a tab for ordering your mailers and campaigns. This is also what you need to choose if you will be uploading your contacts, and building your list as well as if you are setting integrations with your CRMs.

      Now that you're familiar with your dashboard, let's begin!

      Need LIVE help?

      Visit "Contact us" or choose from one of the following choices:

      1. Setting Up Your Profile

      • Access your account settings by clicking on your name at the top right, or via the "Account Settings" link on the left side navigation.

      acct setting.jpg

      • Your account settings include 3 important tabs:

      • General Profile

      • Advanced Profile

      • Photos/Logos.

      Fill out the necessary fields in your profile. Any information entered here will be used in the Mail Templates, Campaigns, Text & Emails.

      *We suggest completely filling out the "General Profile"


      Please note that Advanced Profile is an additional set of profile merge fields that may be used within any template. As authors of PRINTgenie, it is to our discression as to what if any profile elements we'd like to use when building the assets. As a PRO subscriber you can edit these any way you prefer.

      However, have no fear. You don't have to fill out your entire profile right away.
      It is not necessary to fill out the Photos / Logos section as our DPA (Dynamic Profile Assistant) will request you to do so when applicable.

      (Merge Blocks are image placeholders that you use in your mailers.
      These blocks allow you to automatically place and save your photos and QR codes.)


      2. Uploading Your List

      From the Marketplace tab, go to contacts and upload your contacts in .csv format (not Excel file format).

      You don't have to format or change the header names in your file.
      However you will be required to map out your fields so it's best to be familiar with your list.


      Watch this video to learn more:

      3. Ordering Campaigns

      PRINTgenie's "done for you" marketing campaigns are meticulously crafted by experts to ensure maximum effectiveness. They include Text, Email and Direct Mail.

      For a more detailed understanding please visit this article "Ordering Campaigns"

      But, before you go, watch our video on how to order your first campaign:

      4. Ordering Mail Templates

      We have pre-designed and created many direct mail templates. You can preview the template by simply clicking on the thumbnail. It will enlarge and show you the template.

      Notice the merge tags such as:
      {{FirstName}}, {{PropertyStreet}} and {{MyPhone1}}

      • These merge tags are an easy and visable way for you to see the merge tags being used in the template.


      • To see the merge tags with your account profile, simply click on the red ".PDF" icon.


      *NOTE: We use dummy text such as "Fred Flinstone" and "301 Stonecave Road" when exposing contact information as we are not pulling from a real list.

      • To see the merge tags with your account profile, and a live data sample, simply click on the Order icon and select a list to preview. We will expose one name from your list as a sample. *note, you don't have to follow through and actually order in order to see it.

      View our short video on how to order a Mail Template.

      5. Funding Your Account

      To fund your account:

      1. Go to the Marketplace tab, and click on FUND ACCOUNT:

      2. PRINTgenie accepts major credit and debit cards. We also offer Auto-Funding to ensure that your campaigns run without interruption!

      Note: we do not offer refund with auto funding.