Setting up REIreply custom fields & folders
      • 27 Feb 2023
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      Setting up REIreply custom fields & folders

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      Article Summary

      Setting up two addresses inside of REIreply is easy.
      Why would you have two addresses per contact?
      One is the Property in question.
      The other is the Mailing Address in case it's different and the owner does not live in the residence you are interested in.

      Out of the box, your contact card may only have "General Info."
      General Info is used if you only have one address per contact.
      We refer to the "General Info" as the "Property Address"

      If you want to include a second address such as the "Mailing Address", follow these steps.
      *Note: REIreply may have already added the "Mailing Address Block." Check your REIreply account to confirm.

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