What are Merge tags?
      • 23 Aug 2023
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      What are Merge tags?

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      Merge tags will pull your profile information onto SMS Text, Emails, and Direct Mail Assets.
      *An asset is any form of Text, Email or Direct Mail.
      We use Merge tags, often called "Variable Mail Merge Tags" so that we (and you) can build templates that will automatically pull in the users profile information and the recipients information.
      Dear {{FullName}},
      My name is {{MyFirstName}}
      Will print like this:
      Dear Fred
      My name is Andy
      Whereas {{FullName}} is pulled from your data file and {{MyFirstName}} is pulled from my profile.

      As a USER, when you click on a thumbnail it will show the "Merge Tags" used in the template.
      When you click on the .PDF it will fill in the merge tags with your profile information.
      It will not pull in the recipients information because you have not assigned a name or list to it.
      SO, we'll use "Sample Data" such as "Fred Flinstone" to give you a general idea of what it will look like.

      If you want to view a template with real data, simply click on any mail template and order it with a single name, or list.
      If you use a list, it will pull in the first name.
      *Simply view the .PDF and it will show you a real "Mail Merged Sample"
      *Note - you don't have to actually order it.

      Any single order will show up in Mail Order History. The thumbnail and .PDF will not show a sample with Live data. It will show our testing sample such as, Fred Flinstone and 301 Stonecave Rd.

      As a PRO, you can add your own Mail Merge Tags (Variables).
      Learn how here.