• 16 Oct 2023
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      Connecting to Zapier.

      Zapier is a bridge between 3000 applications and PRINTgenie.
      When a new record is added to my CRM, I want to send that person a letter, postcard, greeting card or Popcard.
      PRINTgenie can send a single mailer, or full campaign. It's your choice.

      Now it's time to create a connection from your CRM to your new PRINTgenie account using Zapier

      It's simple and free.

      Go to your Zapier account (or create a free account here)
      Search for an APP you want to connect with.
      Choose your trigger event:
      Choose if you want to send a single mailer such as a greeting card, postcard or letter:
      OR, if you want to send a complete multi-channel campaign.
      Choose the blue "Connect" button:
      Log in, or create a new account

      It may ask you for a PRINTgenie API key.
      That can be found on the left side navigation under "Integrations"

      Connect the app you want to connect with PRINTgenie

      Set up your data mapping on PRINTgenie drop down menu.
      Follow the prompts to test your zap
      "Done Editing" and click "Turn Zap On"
      You're all set up!

      During the Action Set up process
      If you choose "Send a single template" you will be able to select that template.
      If you choose "Send Campaign" you will select the list that is assigned to the campaign. Don't look for the campaign from the drop down. Look for the list.
      *If you choose this option, you must have previously activated your campaign by assigning a list to it first inside your PRINTgenie account.

      This is a direct link to zapier.

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